What We Do

Northern Forest Conservation

Black bear in north woods. Photo courtesy of U.S. Forest Service.

Black bear in north woods. Photo courtesy of U.S. Forest Service.

The northern forests of the Great Lakes region are a diverse and relatively intact landscape that provides multiple benefits to wildlife and human quality of life. Long-term sustainability of these benefits requires coordinated management and protection of the area across an array of land ownership. Coordinated through the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC, a Northern Forest Work Group has been established to identify opportunities for aligning priorities across the northern forest landscape and invest in data and knowledge to fill scientific gaps, tools that enable effective decision-making, and strategies that incentivize action.

The work group is supporting actions that:

  • Identify key partners – engage and work with stakeholders and landowners in the northern forests
  • Identify priorities – which valued benefits (e.g., Great Lakes water quality, wildlife habitat, sustainable timber harvest and others) should be the focus of regional science and decision tool development
  • Inform decisions – support research and development of decision support tools
  • Communicate results – disseminate information to decision-makers for coordinated response to northern forest management, threats, and policies