Conservation partners with the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC unveil new Web site: Join the online community for the latest in landscape conservation efforts

UMGLscreenshot710x340April 23, 2013 – The Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) today released its newly designed public Web site to promote effective conservation through collaboration and sound science.

The LCC facilitates dialogue among federal, state, non-governmental, academic and private interests to build a collaborative network of knowledge surrounding natural resources issues impacting the upper Midwest and Great Lakes landscape. LCC partners are working together to bridge the gap between science and natural resources management while tackling broad reaching natural resources challenges like climate change, aquatic and terrestrial connectivity,  energy development, and socio-economic implications of conservation practices. provides natural resources professionals and the public with access to shared conservation priorities, ongoing scientific research, funding opportunities, and educational resources, while offering continued transparency on behalf of the LCC community.

This network of knowledge equips the upper Midwest and Great Lakes community with the tools necessary to prepare for and address current and future stressors impacting the natural resources of this ecologically diverse and economically important landscape.

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Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC

The Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC envisions a conservation community that while governed by their unique purposes and missions, collaborates on sustaining lands and waters that support natural and cultural resources and the services they provide. Our mission is to support and sustain this conservation community by facilitating communication, coordination and collaboration to bridge cutting-edge scientific research with natural resources management.

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