Celebrating Success! LCC Releases 2013 Year in Review

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Partners of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) today released their 2013 Year in Review, a compilation of stories about collective success and progress in promoting effective conservation through collaboration and sound science across the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region.

“Looking back over the past four years, our partnership has grown both in the breadth of our membership, and, in the depth of our collective commitment to tackling 21st century natural resources challenges. Many of the cutting-edge research projects supported through the LCC partnership are already showing both relevance and practical benefits to conservation managers across the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region,” said USFWS Assistant Regional Director and LCC chair Dave Scott.

Federal, state and non-governmental natural resource leaders have been working side-by-side since 2010, as part of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC, to identify research needs and solutions that effectively address large and complex natural resource challenges impacting the region, from aquatic habitat fragmentation to energy development and climate change. Learn how LCC partner agencies and organizations are using a 21st century model for conservation to produce and deliver cutting-edge science, and working to ensure conservation is relevant, valued and an integral part of our society.

What’s Inside:

  • Learn how we are building communities of science to leverage resources that support conservation and management in urban, coastal, and forested environments, while connecting efforts that enhance aquatic connectivity
  • Learn about the LCC’s role in developing a Midwest Landscape Conservation Communications Network
  • Read about four recently completed/ongoing research efforts supported by LCC partners:
    • For the Birds: Migratory Bird Stopover Sites are Important for Economic and Ecological Diversity in the Great Lakes
    • The Future of the Northern Forests: How Do We Manage Forests for Climate Change?
    • Hook, Line and Sinker: A Landscape Approach to Sport Fish Conservation in the Face of Climate Change Impacts
    • Road Block: Fixing Connections Between the Great Lakes and its Tributaries Doesn’t End with Dams

For more information about the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC visit http://greatlakeslcc.org

Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC

The Upper Midwest and Great Lakes LCC envisions a conservation community that while governed by their unique purposes and missions, collaborates on sustaining lands and waters that support natural and cultural resources and the services they provide. Our mission is to support and sustain this conservation community by facilitating communication, coordination and collaboration to bridge cutting-edge scientific research with natural resources management.

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